Edmondo Hotel & Daycare booking form

Dropping off / Collection times between 9 am and 12 pm Mondays to Saturdays. Sundays and Public holidays our admin offices are closed. Afternoons belongs to your Frenchies for Play time and Pampering. 

*All dogs must arrive on a secure leash or in a safe enclosed Carrier or Travel Box* 
*     No pet will be accepted without a valid/current vaccination Certificate – “vet book”. 
*    Please enclose your deposit when you return the form
We are open for arrivals and collections as follows: 
Mondays to Saturdays: 9 am – 12 pm 
The afternoons belong to your dogs for play time and pampering  
Standard: R 140.00 p/day 
2 x dogs sharing R 265.00 p/day 
PEAK: R 180.00 p/day 
2 x dogs sharing R 340.00 p/day 
Ask about our family units (up to 4 dogs) 
STANDARD: R 515.00 per day for unit 
Peak: R 675.00 per day for unit 
Day of arrival and departure are included in the amount of days staying with us. 

All changes made to original booking must be in writing. 
Should you be forced to cancel the booking we reserve the right to make charges as follows: 
7 days or less notice – full cost of boarding 
21 – 7 days’ notice – half the cost of boarding 
21 or more days – loss of deposit 
I understand that while every care will be given to my pet, it is boarded entirely at my own risk. I authorize you to call a Veterinary surgeon on my pet’s behalf should it be necessary.  
In the unlike event of non-collection of your pet on the due date and subsequent failure either to contact or resolve the situation with your nominated emergency contact within 14 days of the due date, Edmondo French Bulldogs reserves the right to find alternative accommodation for your pet on a temporary basis.  

Banking Details  Bank : Capitec 

Account Holder: Altha Ferreira 

Account Number: 1650 618 164 

Branch Code: 470010 

*Email Booking form with proof of deposit to info@edmondo.co.za 

Address: 281 Karen Street : Waterkloof 

Date : __________________ : Pretoria 

  Tel : 012 993 1111  

Deposit : ___________________ Fax : 086 535 5233 

Email: info@petpalace.co.za